My Family Album is the ancestry and growth of the Macary and Schiavone families and their children and grandchildren and so on…in the United States of America. On July 2, 1877 Orazio Schiavone was born in Syracuse, Sicily to Vincente and Rafaria Schiavone.  He grew to adulthood amd married Anna Marie Rabbito, daughter of Gaspare and Vinci (Madelena).  Orazio, Anna Marie and Sabastiano left Sicily and immigrated to the United States of America and arrived at Ellis Island, New York USA on August 31, 1903.  Orazio and his wife continued to have children, Pasquale, Sarah, Madeline, Mary, Esther, Grace and Susan where they resided on Hill Street in Waterbury, Connecticut. Michael Sarkis Macary was born in 1892 in Ehden-Zhartha, Lebanon and emigrated to the United States with his wife Nazira “Rose” and second son Domenic circa 1914.  First born son George remained in Lebanon and ultimately reaching the USA at the age of 12 about 1924.  Michael and wife Nazira ‘Rose” resided on Sylvan Avenue in Waterbury Connecticut producing 8 more sons. The Macary and Schiavone families came together when Domenic met Sarah at a dance in Waterbury circa 1993-1934.  As the story goes, Domenic worked delivering milk in a horse drawn wagon for Worden’s Dairy.  He would see Sarh very early in the morning as she was walking to her job. Day after day they passed each other and never spoke to each other.  One night Sarah and one of her sisters persuaded their father Orazio to let them attend a dance on a Friday evening.  Domenic dressed in his finery saw Sarah and knew who she was but she did not recognize him.  He spoke with her that evening enjoying each other’s company.  A few days later on their way to work, Domenic driving the wagon said “good morning” but she did not recognize him dressed in his milkman uniform.  “Sarah it’s me, Dom, don’t you remember me?”  So that is how the story began many years ago and the history in now on these pages and continues to unfold.
My Family Album
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